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Supplementary tests

Physical examination icon

Additional investigations may be warranted if there are specific concerns.8

  • Hematological and biochemical analysis

The hematological and biochemical analysis may include the following determinations: hemogram, protein metabolism (albumin and prealbumin), iron metabolism, zinc levels as well as Ca, P, Mg, ALP, PTH, vitamin D and B12, folic acid, Na, K, urea, Cr, glycemia and liver enzymes. Haematological and biochemical analysis should be carried out on an annual basis.

  • Bone Mineral Density (BMD)

Osteoporosis risk

BMD should be considered because of a risk of osteoporosis, which may further worsen the skeletal condition.

  • Observation of ingestion and videofluoroscopy (to assess the presence of dysphagia).
  • 24-Hour pH-metry (to assess the presence of GORD).
  • Endoscopy (to assess the presence of oesophagitis).
Kid with CP