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Informational resources about cerebral palsy for HCPs
The time when you inform caregivers about their child’s condition is a changing moment
Get to know more about cerebral palsy

Get a deeper understanding of the emotional journey of your patient’s caregiver.

All you need to know about nutritional strategies for children with cerebral palsy

As a healthcare professional, you know that the journey of a child with cerebral palsy is full of challenges.

The mychildwithCP for HCP website, created by Nestlé Health Science, is here to help you better understand cerebral palsy (CP), your patients’ needs as well as their caregivers’, so that you can feel confident that you are providing the best care for your patients. More specifically, we will address the nutritional management of CP, so that you are aware of the different ways your patients’ nutritional needs can be met for their happy and healthy future!